Just the game, for no pennies!

The game, the soundtrack, two wallpapers,
and a digital copy of Bright Lights and Glass Houses!

Sepulchre is for Windows only.

Sepulchre-New-Screenshot-1        Sepulchre-New-Screenshot-2

Sepulchre is an adventure short from Owl Cave, written by Ashton Raze (Richard & Alice) and drawn by Ben Chandler (The Blackwell Epiphany), and with other awesome contributions from lots of lovely people.

It’s a game featuring horror, trains, and huge bags. It should take most people around half an hour to play through.

Sepulchre is free. That means it doesn’t cost money. It’s like stealing, but legal.

However, for $2.99, you could opt for the special edition – which gets you the full original soundtrack, two wallpapers, and a digital copy of Raze’s book Bright Lights and Glass Houses as well.

“Pleasantly creepy… An interesting little tale at a price you can’t really argue with”Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Genuinely unnerving… Elicits such feelings of discomfort with seemingly minimal effort” - USGamer

“A subtle brand of horror.” - Joystiq

Here’s the launch trailer: