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It’s always nice to get emails. Unless they’re spam emails, in which case it isn’t nice at all. Are you a spammer? Probably don’t email us. Are you nice? Awesome, let’s chat. Best person to speak to about most things is Molly. At the moment Molly is on the run from the law super busy doing a lot of awesome Starbound stuff so for now you’re better off contacting Ashton Raze (me) at Disclaimer: I am also doing awesome Starbound stuff but I am better at overworking multitasking.


Basically, contact then. Okay.


Youtube/General Video Content Permission

Owl Cave hereby grants permission for the use of in-game audio & video for “Let’s Play”, “Preview”, “Review” and/or “Commentary”-style videos across the web (YouTube, DailyMotion etc), including ad-supported channels/videos. The creator of the video may use in-game audio & video for as many videos as desired.

Please include a link to OR any online store selling the title involved. Specific permission is required for any soundtrack use outside of captured gameplay.

If you have any questions, please email molly[at]owlcave[dot]net