The Charnel House Trilogy cast reveal

Hello! Today we’re proud to announce and reveal the full main cast of The Charnel House Trilogy. Check out the video below for a rundown, as well as a sneak preview of one of Gavin Harrison’s new pieces of music for the game.

And, as a special treat for adventure game fans, here’s Dave Gilbert from Wadjet Eye Games hijacking our game!

Full cast and crew bios here:

Madeleine Roux (Voice actor: Alex Davenport)
Madeleine is the author of the New York Times bestselling YA horror novel Asylum, as well as sequels Sanctum and the upcoming Catacomb. Her first two novels, Allison Hewitt Is Trapped, and Sadie Walker Is Stranded, also received high praise for their take on a zombie apocalypse. Alex Davenport is Madeleine’s first voice acting role, and she also serves as creative consultant and future Owl Cave writing collaborator.

Peter Willington (Voice actor: Doctor Harold Lang)
Peter Willington is an editor at Appspy, a writer at Pocketgamer, and runs the InRetroSpect podcast. He first collaborated with Owl Cave in 2013, appearing as the spokesman for UGPT in Richard & Alice promotional material. He later took on the role of Doctor Harold Lang in the Charnel House games, and will be appearing as a voice actor in future Owl Cave titles.

Jim Sterling (Voice actor: Robert Crowe)
Formerly of Destructoid and The Escapist, Jim Sterling is now an independent critic, video producer and voice actor. His Jimquisition and Squirty Plays series have become highly popular. Praised for his irreverent style and cutting commentary, Sterling is fast becoming one of gaming’s most iconic content creators. His role as Robert Crowe allows him to explore his creepier, more menacing side, the existence of which came as a shock to absolutely everyone. You can also hear Jim in the upcoming ‘Volume’ from developer Mike Bithell.

Abe Goldfarb (Voice actor: [REDACTED])
Abe Goldfarb is an actor, writer and voice actor. According to Wikipedia, he played a pigeon in 2007. Also according to Wikipedia, despite having a long and rich history as a video game voice actor, every single game he’s appeared in has been produced or developed by Wadjet Eye Games. This leads many to suspect that Dave Gilbert keeps Abe captive in some kind of twisted death trap in the bowels of New York. Abe is perhaps most famous for playing wiseguy ghost Joey Mallone in the iconic Blackwell series.

Ashly Burch (Voice actor: [REDACTED])
Ashly is a legit celebrity and has been in everything, from Attack On Titan to Borderlands 2. Having found fame with her internet show Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’, Ashly has gone on to star in many things, both voice acting and live action, such as Saints Row IV in which she played Ashly Burch, alongside her brother Anthony who played Anguished Bystander #35. While Ashly is a forever-friend of Owl Cave, Anthony Burch is not, due to the fact he broke Sepulchre in ways not even possible with an AGS game. Ashly is great though, and has never broken our games.

Cara Ellison (Voice actor: Kenna Martin)
Critic, writer, developer and consultant Cara Ellison here turns her hand to voice acting, playing the mysterious Kenna Martin, the night shift DJ at BC-304 FM. Cara once made an interactive fiction game about sex called Sacrilege which is quite famous, and a Yeah Yeah Yeahs reference. Canonically, Alex is a fan.

Ben Chandler (Artist, Voice actor: Grub)
Ben Chandler, artist and developer at Wadjet Eye Games, is known for his art skills but is perhaps more famous for his critically acclaimed, award-winning portrayal of Grub in Sepulchre. In Charnel House Trilogy, he returns to provide more voice acting, more art, and more huge bags. Chandler’s next project is Technobabylon, from Wadjet Eye/Technocrat Games.

Soha Kareem (Voice actor: Sofia)
Soha Kareem is a writer, developer and actor who often works closely with Ashton Raze. Their previous game, The Prom King (and other stories) was released in January, and marks the beginning of a project involving video games about sex and relationships. Soha serves as co-director of Dames Making Games, a Toronto-based organization dedicated to providing support for marginalized voices wanting to make games. On top of that, Soha’s critically acclaimed Twine game, reProgram, is available to play now.

Kelsey R. Marquart (Voice actor: Carli)
Kelsey R. Marquart is the Editor In Chief of gaming site Nerdy But Flirty. On top of being a games writer, she’s also an voice actor and performer, having starred in two short films and now The Charnel House Trilogy. As well as playing a toxic, venomous antagonist, Kelsey also appears as the voice of Alex’s answering machine, a role which is far closer to autobiographical than that of Carli.

Elspeth Edmunds (Voice actor: Lydia)
Elspeth found fame playing Jean in WhitePaperGames’ Ether One, and here she plays Lydia, a mysterious and troubled 8 year old girl travelling on Old Gloria. According to her Twitter bio, she owns fish, which makes her 948% more responsible than anyone else working on The Charnel House Trilogy.

Isaiah Taylor (Voice actor: Isaiah)
Isaiah appears in his debut video game role here playing himself. Or an approximation of himself. They have the same name and face, anyway. When not voice acting for Owl Cave, Isaiah can be found clocking out.

Jonathan Grier (Voice actor: Don)
As well as providing the voice of Don Rawlings, Johnny serves as creative consultant and dialogue localization specialist, making sure that Don’s Scottishisms are actually accurate and not a horrifying amalgamation of Scottish and Somersetonian. Don, who will be playable in future games, has fast become a fan favorite, partly thanks to Johnny’s spirited delivery and adoption of the name ‘Don The Train Guy’. And contrary to popular belief, Scottish people do say ‘boyo’.

Jack de Quidt (Music in The Charnel House Trilogy)
Jack de Quidt is not only an exceptionally talented musician, but also one half of the game dev duo The Tall Trees, alongside Dan Pearce. His soundtrack to Sepulchre, which appears on and off throughout The Charnel House Trilogy, has received numerous praise, with the main theme in particular becoming a crowd favorite. Jack also writes interactive fiction, and has plenty of exciting new projects in the works.

Bryan Henderson (Music in Inhale/Exhale)
Bryan is a Computer Arts & Design student, and his role in scoring Inhale and Exhale will be his first foray into the world of composing for video games, alongside his friend and recording partner Callum Stevenson. That’s not to say he’s a stranger to the gaming industry, however – if Bryan’s name is familiar, it’s because he’s also known as the God of Gods; the winner of Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity app, and the future ruler of Godus. On top of his godly rule, and hellish descent into the sepulchre, Bryan intends to go travelling in future – we’ve advised him against taking a ride on Old Gloria, however. Bryan’s other role within Owl Cave is diligently making sure that Youtube videos don’t get leaked.

Gavin Harrison (Music in Inhale/Exhale)
Gavin Harrison is a composer for games, film and TV, and has provided music for almost every good indie game you’ve ever played in the last three years. Maybe. He’s done a LOT, anyway. And it is great. Now he’s doing something for The Charnel House Trilogy, which is also great. It’s going to be a cross between [redacted] and [redacted] which trust me, will be AWESOME.

Paul Kilduff-Taylor (Communication Node, Music in Inhale/Exhale)
Paul Kilduff-Taylor, aka nervous_testpilot, aka one half of Mode 7, is a known industry troublemaker with a history of releasing both music and video games. His latest game, Frozen Cortex, came out of Early Access on the same day Charnel House Trilogy was announced. It’s really rather good. As nervous_testpilot, Paul’s EP ‘Steel & Glass’ will be featured in The Charnel House Trilogy, because Alex is canonically a fangirl of both British EDM and Paul himself. Paul’s dissertation on the Dyer family tree has been called ‘one of the most important pieces of writing on the nature of celebrity of the 21st Century’.

Ashton Raze (Writer/Director)
Former games critic Ashton Raze is a mysterious individual who spends her days writing horrifying vignettes of terror and intrigue. Her Twitter account aside, she also writes short horror stories and develops adventure games. Her novel Bright Lights & Glass Houses was released in 2012, and most recently her free horror short The Haunting of Winchester Lane can be downloaded from Smashwords. She is also the co-creator and lead writer of Owl Cave’s Richard & Alice, released in 2013 to critical acclaim. This year will see Raze working on The Charnel House Trilogy, a number of other upcoming adventure games, and a year-long video game project about sex. Yes, sometimes she writes things with naked people in them. The Charnel House Trilogy is no longer one of these things, however, after the Don shower scene was vetoed by Mastertronic.

Ivan Ulyanov (Director/Programmer/Lead Artist)
Ivan Ulyanov is a Russian artist, developer and the newest full-time member of Owl Cave. Ivan previously worked on a number of Wadjet Eye titles such as The Shivah HD, Blackwell Epiphany and Technobabylon, plus the Infamous Quests game Quest for Infamy. He also developed and released his own game, Patchwork. These days, Ivan can be found coding and drawing The Charnel House Trilogy, while also serving as Owl Cave’s primary safety consultant. il-chy ^_^

Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye Games)
Dave Gilbert has nothing to do with The Charnel House Trilogy. He isn’t in it, he didn’t work on it, and he’s never even played Sepulchre. He’s just… here.

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