Richard & Alice on Steam! In June 2014!


Hello. Guess what? Richard & Alice came out on Steam in June 2014. I don’t think it says this anywhere on the site, because I am a terribly disorganized human being. In my defense, I got super ill shortly afterwards, so basically the point is, it’s Lewis’s fault. Nor does the site say that we partnered with Mastertronic for the release, a very lovely publisher who even provided me with my own lawyer, agent and lifestyle guru free of charge.

I have no excuses, other than to blame Lewis once again. And maybe Ivan. You might not even know who Ivan Ulyanov is! He was last seen doing the portraits in Sepulchre. He’s a major part of Owl Cave now, developer and lead artist on our next game, which is out in April. I’ll write more about that next week, but for the time being; Sepulchre is getting a Steam release too. As previously, it’ll be available for free. HOWEVER, releasing alongside it are two other games, Inhale and Exhale, which wrap around Sepulchre, and expand on the story in new, hopefully interesting ways. Inhale, Exhale and Sepulchre Special Edition will be available together in one release, The Charnel House Trilogy, which will cost a small amount of money. Anyone who already bought the Sepulchre Special Edition via the site, or anyone who purchased Richard & Alice direct from us before the middle of June, will be receiving a free copy of The Charnel House Trilogy. The former is because, well, you bought the spec ed, and the latter is a thank-you to the people who patiently waited for me to send out the promised R&A Steam keys.

2 comments on “Richard & Alice on Steam! In June 2014!

  1. Great news!
    I hope that ‘The Charnel House Trilogy’ will appear on Steam before that mystery game, i.e. earlier than April?

  2. Oh, sorry, I worded that a bit terribly: The Charnel House Trilogy IS ‘our next game, which is out in April’, and I’ll be sharing more about it (screens, details etc) next week. We’re aiming for a very early April release, so hopefully not long to wait!

    There is a mystery game in the works too though! But that’ll be a bit later on in the year.

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