Not On Steam Sale


As you may know, Richard & Alice is not on Steam. A number of people would like it to be on Steam, apparently. Us too! It’s on Greenlight though. And you know what? A lot of other awesome indie games aren’t on Steam either. Like, a LOT. You’ll see some of them when you click the link below. A link to the… NOT ON STEAM SALE.

You can probably guess what it is. A sale featuring a bunch of indie games that aren’t on Steam. Yet. A lot of them are on Greenlight too! You should upvote the ones you want to see on there. And buy things at cheap prices, because everyone likes cheap prices, right?

The sale’s been organised by Flippfly, the people behind the fantastic Race The Sun, and it provides a great opportunity to raise awareness of some indie games you may not have seen yet.

Anyway! Go check out the NOT ON STEAM SALE right now! Share! Buy stuff! Upvote on Greenlight! Write an existential horror story about your experience trying to choose what to get! Whatever suits you.

Also, there’s a Greenlight Collection showcasing all the games in the sale which are on Greenlight. Handy place to go if you wanna upvote a bunch!


- Raze

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