Sepulchre is out. We’re fixing a couple of bugs in it

So, we released a new game today. It’s called Sepulchre and it’s free and people seem to like it so far, which is lovely.

Just a quick note. Someone pointed out a quite stupid technical issue to me a little while ago, which is that I forgot to switch off some of the dev keyboard shortcuts before compiling the final build. This means that if you press certain keys, you get odd things happening, including some placeholder menus popping up and then refusing to disappear, preventing you from accessing the inventory and, as such, from completing the game.

Basically: I’m an idiot, and new builds should be up in the morning, if you’d prefer to wait. If not, just avoid pressing anything on the keyboard except for ‘escape’ to reach the main menu (the game saves on quit), and you should be fine.

2 comments on “Sepulchre is out. We’re fixing a couple of bugs in it

  1. Richard on said:

    Is the update out yet? Want to try out this game :)

  2. Hey, just wondering if the new version is up yet? Thanks!

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