Location Services, R&A sales, and something new!

Hey there!

We are very pleased to announce another new game, big changes to our other recently announced new game, and a super-mega-sale for the game we’ve already released.

Announcing: Sepulchre

We’re absolutely thrilled to be teaming up with Ben Chandler for another brand new game! Sepulchre is a short point-and-click adventure set on an ornate old train. Players take on the role of Dr Harold Lang, a museum curator on his way to Argur Peak Island to evaluate some new finds. But this is an unusual train, and Lang’s is an unusual journey.

Featuring a small cast of oddball characters created by our own Ashton Raze, and a beautiful sepia-toned environment drawn by renowned adventure game artist Ben (the Blackwell series, Eternally Us, loads more), Sepulchre is currently in production and due for release in August 2013. The game will be made available free of charge, though – y’know – donations are always nice.

Location Services News


This month we also took the decision to port Location Services – the anagram-filled adventure we announced recently – to the ever-popular Unity engine. We’d been developing the game in Adventure Game Studio but, while we love the toolkit, we felt it was holding us back slightly. The new engine will allow us more flexibility in release platforms, and allow us to do some things in the game that AGS would struggle with. Because none of us are coders, we’ve teamed up with one of those: he’s called Tiarny McNulty, and he’ll be in charge of turning our crazy ideas into real working gamestuff.

Since we were making these sorts of a decision anyway, we decided to take the opportunity to refine the graphical style a little as well. Molly has been hard at work developing the new look, and we’ll be teaming up with an artist to roll it out. In the meantime, we decided to give you a sneak peak at a work-in-progress art mock-up (above).

Richard & Alice Sale


To celebrate our  mega-news, we’re sticking Richard & Alice on sale for a week. Until Tuesday 23rd July, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of our story-driven adventure for just $2.50 (£1.66 / €1.91) directly from www.richardandalice.com.

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