Location Services is our new story-driven puzzle game

Today, we wanted to tell you a little bit about what we’ve been up to since the release of our first game, Richard & Alice, back in February.

From an internal perspective, probably the most pivotal thing was sneaking into the headquarters of Chucklefish (developers of indie mega-hit Starbound) and running off with Molly Carroll, their delightful community and marketing gal. After weeks of tense negotiation, it was finally agreed that she was probably allowed to keep working at Chucklefish during the day – but by night she is now¬†ours, and has been spending recent weeks working partly on our master-plan for world domination, but also partly on our new game, which is what I’d mainly like to talk about today…

Ladies and gents, meet Location Services.

Like Richard & Alice, Location Services started as something small and quickly grew into something much bigger. Initially an idea for a small free game to make while Raze was off designing a new full-length game, it began to burst out of its own little seams when we got round to properly talking about it. Weeks-long production schedules became months-long production schedules, and before we knew it a little interim project had become our next full game. We should really get better at not letting that happen, but hey ho.

So, what is it? Well, I guess it’s part-adventure, part-puzzler, part weird-story-driven-thing. Mechanically, it’s a game in which you solve anagrams and grid reference puzzles against the clock. The context of all this is that you’re a sort of shady, legally and morally grey private detective in a world where everything – even the walls and floors and skies – is digital. In your pursuit of a man known only as “D”, you’ll evade security, hack computers, and interrogate people who might know a bit too much about the situation. So far, we think it’s shaping up to be quite a lot of fun.

It’s certainly a departure from Richard & Alice. When we sat down to decide what exactly we wanted to do with our next game, one of the things we all agreed upon was: “Something a bit less depressing.” Location Services is, I think, funnier, weirder, and in many ways smarter than our debut effort. And also much less of a traditional adventure game, while still being rooted in what we love about the genre. I’m liking what we’ve done so far.

We’re a little way off release yet, but I’m hoping we can catalogue development here on this very blog. So, until next time, have a look at locationservicesgame.com – any help spreading the word would be super-appreciated!

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