Richard & Alice super-limited-edition boxed copies available now!


Fancy getting hold of an extremely limited edition version of Richard & Alice? Only 50 of these boxed copies of the game exist anywhere in the world. One can be yours (yes, yours) for the low, low price of £7 plus whatever the cost of postage is in your region. Exciting!

Think of the things you could do with a boxed copy of Richard & Alice! You could sell it on eBay! You could take it into your local gaming shop and laugh at the befuddlement on the face of the attendant who’s clearly thinking, “what the hell is this?” Or, if you’re feeling particularly outrageous, you could play it. There’s always that too.

You can buy a super-limited-edition boxed copy of Richard & Alice right here, or else head on over to and pick one up in the same way from there. Doing so will help support development of our next game, for which every little helps!


3 comments on “Richard & Alice super-limited-edition boxed copies available now!

  1. excessivelyhairygamer on said:

    Are there any plans to port richard and alice to linux? Having read a few rather good reviews, i would very much like an opportunity to throw money at you lot, and a port to my platform of choice would be a good excuse to do so, alternatively you could travel to my town and dance in a g-string for my enjoyment whilst i fling handfuls of change at you, but i think i’d rather pay for the use of your adventure game.

  2. Lewis on said:

    It’s been suggested that it runs with this: Does this game work with AGS for Linux (


  3. nowinpossessionofarazor on said:

    Oh, it didn’t really occur to me that it was an AGS game, I shall try the demo and report back, if it works then it might be worth investigating packaging for a more user friendly experience on Linux, as that’s what people are increasingly expecting, and it makes sense to offer Linux versions through steam or a humble widget if they’re possible.

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