Richard & Alice gets lovely YouTube Let’s Play. Also, vote for us on Steam Greenlight. Also, things.

Hello, folks! Long time no update. You’ll have noticed we did some stuff like change our name and get a new website and things like that. We also went and kidnapped Molly Carroll (who you may know from Team Starbound), locked her up in a basement, and forced her to work for us. She did a few bits and bats for Richard & Alice (did you find the diary in the satchel? That’s her handwriting!), and we thought she did pretty darned well, so now we’re demanding she gets a bit more involved, on pain of fingers down a chalkboard for all eternity. So there’s that. Please welcome Molly with a very loud cheer (the basement is soundproofed).

There are some exciting things in the pipeline, which I’m sure we’ll keep you updated about as time ticks on. For now, two things:

1. Hey guys you should totally vote for Richard & Alice on Steam Greenlight. Please? The ability to get on Steam is the sort of thing that can make or break a small indie developer, so it’d be supremely nice of you to help out. Like, really nice. Go on. Love you!

2. A delightfully voiced gentleman named Cry is doing a Let’s Play of Richard & Alice on YouTube, which I’m having a marvellous time watching. You should go watch it too. We’re three parts in so far. Here’s part one.

‘Til next time.

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