Would you like to help QA test Richard & Alice?

Scenes like the one above are a great way to get a laugh out of game development, but as you head towards release they start to become less amusing and more annoying. Bugs block progress. They mean the game you thought was finished really isn’t finished, because characters appear in the middle of a black void and say ridiculous things during the middle of a poignant scene, and you spend the next half hour mashing your fists against they keyboard in the hope that this line of code will fix the problem.

Basically, Richard & Alice is about to hit beta. This means it’s almost entirely content-complete, and just need the various broken bits fixing. As such, we’re looking for a team of friendly and helpful QA testers to play through the game a few times and tell us what needs fixing. Does this sound like the sort of thing you’d be interested in? Good! That’s awesome. Read on to find out what to do next. (Please note that not every applicant will be successful. We’ll do our best to respond to everyone individually, but depending on the number of applicants this might not be possible.)

What we can offer you:

  • No actual money. We’re sorry. We’re a tiny-weeny indie team with barely a pair of coins to rub together at this stage.
  • The chance to play Richard & Alice before anyone else.
  • Your name will be in the game’s credits.
  • Upon release, you’ll get a free digital copy of Richard & Alice, plus one of the super-limited edition run of boxed copies we’re doing (the only other way to get one is to donate more than $100 on IndieGoGo).
  • Endless love and affection.

What you’ll need to do:

  • Play Richard & Alice.
  • Play Richard & Alice again.
  • Play Richard & Alice lots and lots, in fact.
  • Try to break Richard & Alice in every conceivable way.
  • Compile a detailed bug report within a given timeframe.

How to apply:

1) Download a non-disclosure agreement by clicking on this here link.

2) Name, sign and date it. You can do this by either printing it, filling in the information, scanning then emailing, or you can use something like HelloSign to complete the NDA digitally.

3) Email ahoy[at]denbyraze[dot]com with the subject line ‘QA Testing’. Please include the following information:

  • Your full name, date of birth, and place of residence
  • Your level of interest in / experience with adventure games
  • Details of any game testing experience you have
  • An idea of your availability / time you’re able to commit between now and January 2013
  • Your completed NDA as an attachment

4) Sit back and relax. For now.

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