Richard & Alice playable at AdventureX

Hello! We’ve made quite a lot of progress on Richard & Alice this week. Secretly our aim was to hit beta by Friday, which would mean the entire game would be playable from start to finish with no obvious game-stopping bugs. Ultimately we didn’t quite reach this target, but I’d say the game is now 95% content-complete and we should reach beta by the end of this week. That’s just super-cool.

The other exciting thing to talk about today is the fact that Richard & Alice will be playable at this year’s AdventureX! On the 15th and 16th of December, you’ll be able to be among the first people to play Richard & Alice by heading along to the adventure games convention in the heart of the East End of London (it’s free entry). We’ll also be delivering a couple of talks – more details on those TBC – but the fact that the game will be publicly playable is the big, exciting, terrifying thing.

We hope you come along and play it, and like it.

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