What We’ve Been Up To Since We Last Spoke

So! A lot has been going on recently, though not that visibly. In order to facilitate our IndieGoGo campaign and set things up for release, we’ve been dealing with the business side of making a game, and generally doing a lot of paperwork and not as much development as we’d like.

We’ve also been doing a spot of rebranding, as you’ll be able to tell. Now that Raze and I are properly in this together, we figured it was time to reflect that with a snazzy logo, designed by the fabulous Richard Warner.

Despite the businessy-brandy focus, however, we’re quickly approaching a very important milestone for Richard & Alice: beta! By the end of next week, in theory all the significant content should be in the game, at which point it’s just a case of polishing up, adding new art and music where necessary, and getting rid of all the bugs. This is exciting. It’s not going to be at all long before we can play Richard & Alice from start to finish in, and that’s absolutely cool.

More exciting announcements coming up. Watch this space.

2 comments on “What We’ve Been Up To Since We Last Spoke

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you plan on putting your game on Kickstarter.com? This way you can get money from both Indiegogo plus Kickstarter.

  2. Joe: Nope, just IndieGoGo. We spent a lot of time deciding which service to go for. Ultimately the $2k is all we need, so going for both would be fruitless.

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