Help Fund Richard & Alice on IndieGoGo

Well, we’ve gone and jumped on the crowd-funding bandwagon.

We weren’t initially planning to. But as we worked more on the game, and after those enthusiastic previews rolled in over the summer, we realised we were kinda making something on a bigger scale than we first imagined.

So, now, we want to make sure it’s good.

Here’s our IndieGoGo page, where we’re hoping to raise $2,000. It would be super-wonderful if you could chip in. We think the perks are pretty good, too.

You can find all the details of what we plan to do with the money over on the campaign page, but in short: additional/better art, additional music, and general spit and polish in time for release.

Of course, if you can’t afford to help out, then simply spreading the word by any means possible would be super-appreciated. But if you can help out, doing so would be amazing. Really, truly amazing.

Thanks in advance, guys.

Lewis & Ashton

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