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First things first, there’s a new Richard & Alice video! It’s a few snippets of game footage complete with me nattering on about the game over the top of it. You can watch it now over on our media page. But why make it in the first place instead of getting on with the bloody game?

Well. That would be because we’ve just submitted the game to Steam’s new Greenlight service.

Greenlight, for those unaware, is how Steam’s indie submission process now works. Basically, you no longer have to spend months trying to find someone at Valve to talk to, then months trying to convince them to sell your game. You now submit it to Greenlight, and the community votes on which new or upcoming indie games it’d like to see on the service.

At the moment it’s an odd system full of people misunderstanding its use, and with terrible discoverability. I hope this improves (Richard & Alice sat on the front page for about three minutes before vanishing from sight, now sitting on about page 7 of PC-only point-and-click adventures). For now, head over there and cast your vote! Favourite us. Give us an upvote. Leave a comment. This is the sort of stuff that generates a buzz around the game and helps us get on Steam. Which, of course, would be really nice.

The final thing is release date. We’ve been saying “2012″ an awful lot. Well, sadly, we’ll now be saying “2013″ – but January 2013, to be more specific. Having that extra month to polish things up is going to be crucial for us. We’re not far off – I’d say about 60-70 percent of the game is at least vaguely functional now – but those extra few weeks will allow us to ensure you’re getting the best possible game when it comes out.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported Richard & Alice so far. Please, please, please vote on Greenlight, and do watch the new trailer. Cheers!


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